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Sonu Sood weighs in on Bollywood vs South debate – Bollywood News

Like several other Bollywood actors and filmmakers, Sonu Sood has also explained why Hindi cinema is not doing as well as Southern cinema. Since he has worked extensively in Bollywood as well as Tamil and Telugu cinema, Sonu’s opinion is based on first-hand experience from both sides.

According to a recent report in ETimes, the actor said, “I feel like Southern filmmakers have always made films for the masses. When a movie buff visits a cinema, he/she spends a lot of money to watch a movie. Therefore, they need to be treated to something big, an experience never seen before, something they wish they could be a part of (the larger-than-life setting).”

Sonu added, “Bollywood has made a number of good films, but we should also not forget the fact that the number of films made in the south is huge. It is at least five times more than Bollywood. So, the content coming out of there is way more than what we produce, so I think it creates good healthy competition and keeps you on your toes to make good movies.

The actor concluded by saying that Bollywood needed to up their game to do better. “They have to, I mean everyone has to…like I think, when you have competition…that’s when you’re going to excel,” Sonu said.