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Swara Bhaskar confirms having tested positive for Covid-19 – Bollywood News

Once again, the Covid-19 virus is spreading rapidly across the country and the film industry is no exception. Over the past couple of weeks, several actors and filmmakers have revealed to have tested positive for the virus and the latest name on the list is actress Swara Bhaskar. On Friday morning, the Swara took to her Twitter to share the news and said she had been in self-isolation since January 5.

His tweet read: “Hello Covid! ?? I just got my RT-PCR test and tested positive. I have been isolated and quarantined. Symptoms include fever, dizzying headache and loss of taste. Double vaccinated so hopefully that will pass soon. SO grateful for the family and to be home. Stay safe everyone.”

The statement Swara shared with her tweet read, “I tested positive for Covid. I developed symptoms on January 5, 2022 and RT-PCR test results just confirmed the same. My family and I have been isolated since the evening of January 5. and I take all the necessary precautions. I informed everyone I met the previous week that I had Covid; but if anyone else has come in contact with me, please get tested. Double mask up and stay safe ll.”