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This is how Manushi Chhillar prepared for her role in ‘Prithviraj’ – Bollywood News

Actress Manushi Chhillar is currently gearing up for the release of her historical drama “Prithviraj,” which is set to premiere on June 3. Since this is the first acting project for Miss World Manushi 2017, she had to learn about acting and the filmmaking process to play her role accurately. During a recent chat with a media outlet, Manushi revealed how she prepared for her first movie.

The actress told PTI, “I love the filming process, although I had no idea how it worked when I started. When we were training, it took me two months to figure out the process. .Playing is a skill and you only get better with practice.”

She added: “When I started to understand it, I saw myself improving and that’s when I started to appreciate it. So this transition happened naturally, I became more confident to what I do after I start filming, after being put in this situation.”

Manushi further shared that she had to undergo nine months of preparation before filming. She said: “At that time, I felt even nine months was less because I was starting from scratch. I didn’t grow up doing workshops, so I prepared a lot…Because I was a student. , I had the mindset to approach like a syllabus, I knew what I had to prepare, what the deadline was and that really helped me.