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Too much western influence in Bollywood movies; The fame of ‘Kantara’ Rishab Shetty

It has been more than a month since the release of the low budget movie “Kantara” from Kannada cinema, but the performance of the movie is still visible at the box office. Actor Rishab Shetty was seen in this film, whose work is highly regarded. Rishab also started getting offers from Bollywood but now the actor gave an interview where he said where is Bollywood going wrong now?

Rishab Shetty has some advice for Bollywood producers. The actor said that if they want to make good movies, they have to stay close to their roots and not be too influenced by western culture. The actor said movies should be prepared based on the best interest of the audience. Not for anyone’s personal consumption. Rishab Shetty told actors and filmmakers: “We make films for the audience, not for ourselves. We must keep them in mind, as well as their feelings. We have to see what their values ​​and way of life are. We were there before becoming filmmakers.

Rishab Shetty further added that the directors have a lot of Western influence at present which is also reflected in their films. But now they are trying to use too much western influence, Hollywood and other things in Indian movies too. But why are we doing this? People are already attached to Hollywood. Let us tell you that Rishabh Shetty got offers of Bollywood movies but he turned down those offers.

Speaking of ‘Kantara’, this movie was released in Kannada language on September 30th. The film also received a great response in the early days after which the film was released in many other languages ​​including Hindi and ‘Kantara’ was also here. The film crossed 300 crore worldwide and “Kantara” is the second Kannada film to do so. The first issue is ‘KGF Chapter 2’.