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Tusshar Kapoor spills the beans on Bollywood actors who were ‘allergic’ to starring in South Indian movie remakes!

Tusshar Kapoor is in a happy space both professionally and personally. He recently released a book and became a producer with Laxmii. The free press newspaper caught up with him for an exclusive chat. Excerpts:

Your father Jeetendra was known for making Southern remake movies. You started production with Laxmii. Do you follow in his footsteps?

No, I’m not following his steps. But thanks to dad, who started making remakes. I have no allergy to doing South remakes. I don’t do remakes of South or other remakes thinking that’s a successful formula because remaking a movie has its own set of challenges here.

A lot of actors didn’t want to do South remakes earlier. What is your position on this?

I remember a lot of actors had this allergy that they wouldn’t do a remake or work with a Southern director either. But now most of those actors are open to doing remake movies. I also liked normal movies and dad remakes. Jyoti Bane Jwala, Himmatwala, Caravan and some others. I am not biased; be it its remake or normal movies, I loved them all.

Your future projects?

My movie Maarrich is a thriller and murder mystery starring Naseeruddin Shah, and many new faces, as well as familiar faces, make up the cast. We are in the distribution process. Probably, this movie will see its dawn on the OTT platform. Theatres, I don’t know if we’ll have a chance. The response matters too, so we’re releasing it soon. Plus, there’s a different horror-comedy, which is my genre (smile).

After writing a book, Bachelor Dad: My Journey To Fatherhood And More, will you also try your hand at writing movie scripts?

Are you saying that since I wrote Bachelor Dad on my own, my writing skills have improved? I think writing a full-fledged screenplay is a challenge. However, writing a book about parenthood is a joy ride. It feels productive and is therapeutic. Moreover, it has its own challenges. At first I wrote at night, then it was day and night. At first it was a gradual progression.

What were your feelings when you picked up Laksshya in your arms for the first time?

When I took my child in my arms for the first time, I felt good. It was a feeling of having a gift from God. I was happy. My heart was filled with excitement. I asked the doctor everything about Laksshya. It was the same excitement as any other parent. Being a single parent, I have to take care of his well-being and also earn a living. Even couples have to share their work and household chores and take care of their children, while one takes care of the child at home and the other is the breadwinner.

We have recently lost two legendary music icons as well as many artists in the industry since the Covid-19 outbreak. What is your opinion on that?

I grew up listening to Lataji’s (Mangeshkar) songs. I think everyone grew up hearing his songs. I never met her, but she sang for most of my dad’s movies. She contributed immensely to every actor’s life until she continued to sing. Bappi da (Lahiri) toh hamare padosi le. I met him when promoting The Dirty Picture songs. We have lost so many legends in these two years. Sarojji (Khan), Rishiji (Kapoor), Irfan… Ravi Tandon was my father’s colleague. Every morning, we get up with stress thinking: “Aaj subah koi buri news na mile”. We all pray and wish that their souls rest in peace wherever they are.

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Posted: Wednesday, March 02, 2022, 07:00 IST