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Tusshar Kapoor talks about being a single dad – Bollywood News

Bollywood star, Tusshar Kapoor, who is known for working in multi-star comedy films, made an appearance at the Dehradun Literature Festival recently. The actor was there to talk about his book “The Bachelor Dad” in which he talked about the benefits and challenges of being a single parent.

During his DLF session, Tusshar opened up about his decision to become a single father and the challenges that came with it. He said: “It’s as easy or as difficult for any parent. The trick is to be a good parent. It’s a challenge but ultimately it’s a joy. You get that satisfaction from taking on all these challenges after becoming a parent.”

Sharing how her family reacted to the decision, Tusshar said, “When I completed the whole IVF process and the surrogacy process started, I then had an in-depth discussion with my family. My mother was surprised but very supportive. She said she and my dad would be just grandparents, but I’d be the one to take on all the load and it would be life changing.

Recalling the birth of his son Laksshya, Tusshar said, “After all the processes were completed, my excitement level was at its peak and so I went shopping for my unborn child. I even bought unisex clothing because my child’s gender was The night of June 1, 2016 was one of the most memorable nights of my life as I finally became a dad.