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Vidyut Jamwal Explains Why He Only Takes Action Roles – Bollywood News

Vidyut Jammwal is one of the few Bollywood actors who has devoted his full attention to a particular genre. While elaborate martial arts and action sequences are the driving force behind most of his films, there’s no denying that Vidyut’s characters often have an emotional angle as well. During a recent chat with a media outlet, the actor shared that he couldn’t play a variety of roles since he was an outsider in the industry.

Vidyut told ETimes, “Since I’m not from the film industry, I’ll have to go through a certain process and wait for certain opportunities and successes. People will watch Commando and keep offering me only those kinds of roles, until ‘until some like Faruk Kabir (director of Khuda Haafiz films) comes along and sees the potential and says, ‘No Vidyut can do a lot more’.”

Sharing how much he wants to explore and experiment in the action movie space, Vidyut shared, “There’s so much to do in the action genre alone. I haven’t even started yet. With experience, I started to think and imagine better than before. We will continue to exceed the standards of action for sure. That said, I enjoy the emotional as well as the dramatic aspects of cinema. So if I do action, I will play emotional and dramatic roles with the same kind of dedication.”