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Vikram Veda Faces Boycott Trend Other Bollywood Movies That Meet Same Fate

The BoycottBollywood trend, which is becoming something of a movement, has inevitably caught the film industry in a stranglehold. With previous versions like Brahmastra, Laal Singh Chaddha and upcoming businesses like Thank God faced with the same fate, the question becomes: have big budget movies with notable actors become the internet’s new trigger?

Why exactly is #BoycottVikramVedha trending?

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Reading the trending tweets on Twitter, it’s clear that the agenda behind the boycott movement is inconsistent. While a handful of users have argued that Bollywood is ruining a Tamil blockbuster, we’re here to question the hundreds of times such remakes have been made before.

Kabir Singhone of Bollywood’s highest-grossing releases, was adapted from the 2017 hit Arjun Reddy. Jersey, Hit: The First Case are more recent films in this category.

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Some discussed Hrithik’s acting abilities while others urged audiences to watch Ponniyin Selvan, which comes out the same day. The point we’d like to make is that an actor can be terrible at their craft, or another movie can come out around the same time, but does that have to translate into this cancel culture that we give free rein?

There’s enough space for two releases, better actors, more talent. Urging others to boycott something based on a personal issue seems like a toxic online trend that certainly doesn’t need more encouragement.

Will all mainstream films be confronted with this backlash?

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If we were to pay attention to the type of cinema facing this backlash, the trend becomes more definite. It is inevitably attributed to high-budget commercial productions. We haven’t heard of any negative reaction to movies like Legal Where Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga. Have big Bollywood stars become the new trigger?

It definitely seems so. Every part of their personal life, their comments from years ago and their screen performance are scrutinized, to find only a small argument in favor of the boycott. Should we be so offended every time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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