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Why Bollywood Actors Create Nuisance Before Their Real Movie

In recent years, we have seen that several Bollywood celebrities or professionals are making remarks about Telugu and other Southern films on a daily basis. And, to add to the list, some well-known heroes who make insane and obtrusive comments about Southern films whenever their films are scheduled for release.

During the recent release of the movie “Attack”, John Abraham expressed his disdain towards Telugu movies, saying he wouldn’t want to star in regional movies just to please a few people. He also claimed that because Hindi is the national language, he would rather just feature in Hindi films, than play a supporting role or anything in regional films.

And now, with Ajay Devgan’s ‘Runway’ set to hit theaters this Friday, he has resurrected Kichha Sudeep’s comments, saying Hindi will always be their mother tongue and national language, and they will only movies in that language. It sparked a debate on social media, with Kichha remarking: “I can read your reply in Hindi, but can you understand if I reply in Kannada?” be interpreted as a slap in the face for many Hindi fans.

So what’s wrong with this fad? These hindi heroes blame southern heroes and southern movies just before a hindi movie premiere in the name of national language praise. For starters, a language spoken in just eight states cannot be called a national language, despite the fact that we can safely say that 80% of Indians understand English better than Hindi. Perhaps Bollywood stars should refrain from creating such a ruckus in order to promote their recently released movies. Is not it?