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Why did Sameer Wankhede manhandle Bollywood actors and Aryan Khan?

Former anti-narcotics officer Sameer Wankhede, has dealt with numerous counterfeit drug cases by harassing and extorting Bollywood celebrities. Just to stay in the limelight, he used to choose a new celebrity every day, but the Mumbai cruise drug case was harshly criticized for its shortcomings and was transferred to the Directorate General of taxpayer services in Chennai. After being removed from the Mumbai drug case in which actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested, Wankhede was sent to the Risk Analysis and Management Branch at mumbai. Aryan Khan was later released on bail and his name cleared in the case.

Then Wankhede was the Mumbai area chief of the Narcotics Control Bureau, or NCB, when he and others attacked the cruise ship off the city’s coast last year. He faced prosecution for allegedly submitting a false caste certificate for government employment. Many anomalies were revealed by NCP leader Nawab Mallik. Wankhede’s fake caste certificate to bar the permit, he was involved in various controversies. He was assigned to create trouble in Mumbai, but later things erupted against him.

There were five major irregularities in Wankhede’s investigation after the drug raid. No videography was taken during the search operation and there were gaps in the analysis of the contents of Aryan Khan’s phone, as the chats do not link him to the case. No medical tests were carried out to prove drug use and one witness even became hostile, telling the special investigation team that he had been forced to sign on blank papers, adding that two other witnesses told the investigation team that they were not at the scene at the time of the NCB raid. Another serious misconduct was the bludgeoning of all defendants and bringing the same charges against everyone, even when Aryan Khan was found drug-free.

People knew there was foul play and that’s why they backed Aryan Khan. He is innocent according to the law of the land. According to Aryan Khan’s lawyers, no drug recovery has been made from Aryan Khan. There is no evidence of consumption. The entire case that Sameer Dawood Wankhede seeks to establish against Aryan Khan is based on alleged WhatsApp chats. There doesn’t seem to be any case legally but to extort 25-26 crore rupees Sameer Dawood Wankhede acted extra legal, possibly illegal, arrogant and high-handed, abusing power and authority in the Modi’s India.

The 23-year-old was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on October 3 during a raid on the cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai en route to Goa. He was taken into custody by a Mumbai Magistrates Court as the court denied his bail request. Aryan was not allowed to physically meet his family members due to strict Covid-19 standards. However, all sub-trials are allowed to talk to their families via video call once or twice a week.

Aryan has been through hell, his privacy has been violated, his cell phone has been confiscated and there have been endless media lawsuits against him. Wankhede and the media have collectively lost a lot to Aryan Khan. His life and reputation were ruined by a so-called NCB officer. Since Wankhede was kicked out of Mumbai, there are no drug raids or news. Amazingly, instead of doing so many cheats, he is not arrested yet. He was not asked to pay for the damage caused to Aaryan. Sameer Dawood Wankhede has tinted the past since he was previously in the customs and excise department where he allegedly extorted money from celebrities and movie stars by confiscating expensive goods brought by them from foreign countries and he n released the items only after coughing up huge amounts of money since he told gullible celebrities they had to pay taxes and import duties on the items. Many years ago, SRK had to pay through the nose almost Rs 12 lakh which was a large sum at the time in Wankhede for the purchase of an imported Iranian carpet costing millions from Dubai. Moreover, he had allowed the display of the Cricket World Cup trophy only after paying a lump sum from the BCCI. He is said to wear Armani shirts worth almost one lakh rupees and sport diamond studded Bulgari watches costing over 40 lakhs. So this extravagant lifestyle is definitely sponsored by his greed for moolah so you can’t rule out the possibility that he tried to extort crores from king khan and Bollywood celebrities in the name of investigating the dope.