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World Mental Health Day: Bollywood actors who opened up about their mental health battles

Mental and physical health and their balance are really important for a body to function, but in a society where people can openly go to a doctor for physical pain but are looked down upon or considered crazy for going to a psychiatrist, that says long on us.

However, several actors have openly condemned the stigma surrounding mental health and also shattered the stereotype by talking about their struggles and struggles with mental health issues. So, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, we bring you 5 Bollywood celebrities who have opened up about their mental health issues.

Deepika Padukone:

Global star Deepika Padukone has been one of the most vocal speakers for mental health awareness in India. The Om actress Shanti Om was suffering from depression in 2013, when she gave four consecutive films 100 cr+. And during a TV interview, she not only revealed that she suffers from depression, but she also started a mental health foundation – Live Love Laugh Foundation to help others who are going through the same experience.

Deepika Padukone has always encouraged people to talk about mental health and destigmatize it. She claimed that during her depression phase, Deepika didn’t want to live anymore and by having a direct experience, she didn’t want anyone else to go through the same thing.

Hrithik Roshan:

Seeing great actors also dealing with the same issues as commoners would raise mental health awareness and with that hope, Dhoom 2 actor Hrithik Roshan has spoken openly about the same.

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After going through ups and downs, I felt sadness and bewilderment. The actor dealt with the problem of anxiety and after overcoming it, Hrithik said it was a common occurrence and people should talk about it openly in order to erase the misconception about mental health and its consequences. problems. During an interview, Hrithik had said that sometimes the brain takes over and feeds a person with unwanted thoughts that are not related to their life goals, and that is when we need an objective point of view.

Honey Singh:

During a low phase of his career, rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh became addicted to alcoholism and during the same period he suffered from bipolar disorder. It was a particularly awful phase for the Indian rapper. In a short time, Singh got a lot of recognition, all his songs got hits and he was also getting big offers like Chennai Express etc.

Unable to contain this, Honey Singh admitted to being an alcoholic and unable to sleep. And the situation gradually got worse. It took him four months to realize there was something wrong with him. He opened up about it after recovering and taking a break from his job for about eighteen months, and explained what it felt like, leading to greater understanding and less stigma.

Shraddha Kapoor:

Shraddha Kapoor first admitted to having anxiety issues in 2018 while celebrating the success of her hit movie Stree. During a media interaction, the actress revealed that she has been struggling with anxiety for three or four years and coping with it in a positive way every day.

The 32-year-old performer also once said that after the release of Aashiqui 2 in 2013, she endured discomfort that had no physiological explanation.

Ileana D’Cruz:

Ileana D’cruz struggled with body dysmorphic disorder, anxiety and depression. She opened up about mental health issues and revealed that the continued care and love of her family and friends got her through these tough times. The Barfi actor used to get stuck on everyone and chose to get stuck to vent. In an interview, she openly talked about her past and how she strongly believes that people should get checked out if they don’t feel well and not be afraid to do so.

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