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You Need To Add These 20 New Bollywood Movies To Your 2022 Watchlist

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We’re only halfway through the year, but 2022 has already seriously paid off when it comes to New Movies. And they don’t just come from Hollywood production studios either. Bollywood is back with a bang with exciting new movies, and if you fancy a Hindi movie then we’ve got all the best new releases. bollywood movies from 2022 that you can stream right now. If you thought The best Bollywood movies of 2021 were good, so wait until you watch this year’s top titles.

Believe it or not, Bollywood is the biggest movie industry in the world, with over 1,000 movies released each year (which is almost double the number of movies produced by Hollywood, jsyk). As a result, there’s a rich variety of genres on the menu, from unconventional badass female tales and family sports dramas, to serious action thrillers and epic period films. So grab your popcorn, sit down and watch these amazing Bollywood movies of 2022.

1. Jersey

In this remake of the 2019 Telugu film of the same name, a talented cricketer from Chandigarh makes the difficult decision to try out for the national team 10 years after retiring, in hopes of winning a shirt for his son.


2. Dasvi

Looking for something lighter? In this comedy, a charismatic politician who dropped out of school after eighth grade decides to pursue a high school education after being involved in a scam and sent to prison – and it’s funnier than it sounds, I promise. .


3. Bachchan Panandey

This action comedy, which is a remake of the 2014 Tamil film Jigarthanda— revolves around a journalist dreaming of becoming a director who decides to investigate a ruthless gangster (aspiring actor) for inspiration in a film… but unfortunately, her attempts at research are not so subtle than she hoped.


4. cobalt blue

Want a wonderful queer love story? So check out cobalt blue, adapted from the novel of the same name by Sachin Kundalkar. In it, a brother and sister from a traditional Marathi household fall in love with their family’s enigmatic new guest and, as you might guess, drama ensues.


5. Sharmaji Namkeen

In this feel-good flick (which also marks actor Rishi Kapoor’s final film appearance), a middle-class widower forced into early retirement seeks other job opportunities, and along the way, he strikes up a relationship with a widowed shop owner and rediscovers a passion for cooking.


6. Radhe Shyam

This swoon-worthy period drama may have been a box office bomb, but it’s still worth watching. In it, a renowned palm reader living in 1970s Italy finds himself unexpectedly in love with a doctor who relies far more on science than fate or destiny.


seven. Junior Tools

Junior Tools is a heartwarming drama that revolves around a young teenager who, after watching his father lose the snooker club championship in 1994 in a humiliating defeat, devotes himself to mastering the game of snooker so he can enshrine his father’s name. on the winners board.


8. jalsa

This thriller tells the story of an 18-year-old hit-and-run victim who finds herself embroiled in a thorny court case when it becomes clear that the circumstances surrounding the accident are more complicated than they initially seemed.


9. Tar

Set in the 80s, this western-style action drama follows a mysterious antique dealer who moves from the city to a remote village in Rajasthan to avenge his past, and his actions give a veteran cop a chance to prove himself.


ten. Jayeshbhai Jordaar

This comedy-drama tells the story of Jayesh, the son of a traditional Gujarati sarpanch (aka an elected decision maker), who after discovering that he and his wife are expecting a second daughter rather than a son who may one day become the next sarpanch after Jayesh – must fight for the rights of his wife and unborn child.


11. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

In this stand-alone sequel (which follows on from 2007 BHool Bhulaiyaa), a fraudulent psychic is recruited to deal with the malevolent spirit, Manjulika, who has returned to torment a wealthy family 18 years later.


12. Heropanti 2

Another great sequel of 2022, Heropanti 2 continues the story of computer genius/vigilante Babloo as he is sent on a mission to hunt down psychopathic cybercriminal Laila… and ends up falling in love with Laila’s sister, Inaaya, along the way.


13. Lapeta Buckle

Lapeta Buckle is a remake of the 1998 German thriller Run Lola Run, following a young woman named Savi whose boyfriend loses a mob boss’s money. It’s then up to her to try and save him from the deadly criminal and find a way out of the seemingly endless time loop she’s now stuck in.


14. Gehraiyaan

In this romantic drama, a 30-year-old yoga studio owner stuck in a rut (and boring long-term relationship) finds new life after her cousin Tia and fiancé Zain come to visit…mostly at because of the surprising bond she forms with Zain.


15. Badhaai Do

Badhaai Do tells the story of policeman Shardul and teacher Sumi, who agree to marry out of convenience after being revealed to be gay. And although they decide to date other people while maintaining a balanced and happy married life, things get complicated when Sumi’s girlfriend comes to stay with them.


16. Gangubai Kathiawadi

This semi-biographical drama is loosely based on the life of Ganga Harjivandas Kathiawadi, following a young woman who started out as a brothel worker and eventually became a powerful underground figure. There is also a intriguing controversy around the movie, which is almost always a good reason to watch.


17. Love Hostel

Who doesn’t love a good romantic thriller?? In Love Hosteltwo lovers of different religions (who know their families won’t approve of their relationship) decide to elope in secret, and as a result, they find themselves pursued by a relentless mercenary who is determined to end their marriage.


18. jhund

Based on the life of Vijay Barse (who founded the NGO Slum Soccer, a football program for children living in slums), this sweet sports drama tells how the retired sports teacher created his program to rehabilitate the street children.


19. The Kashmir Files

This wild drama – which is currently the highest-grossing Hindi film of 2022 – revolves around the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in the early 1990s to the disputed region of Kashmir, following a student as he investigates on the exodus in hopes of finding an explanation for his parents’ death.


20. Ardh

In this silent drama, a theater actor living in Mumbai tries to become a big movie star, and he has to go to great lengths to lift himself and his wife out of poverty. 51-year-old actor Rajpal Yadav may not play a *totally* convincing 37-year-old, but this one is still worth watching for his fabulous performance.


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