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ZEE5 Spices Up Bollywood Movies With ‘Genre Mashup’

Bollywood has dominated Indian cinema for years. But one thing that has rocked the industry recently is the rise of regional cinema. With Tamil and Telugu cinema becoming more prominent than Bollywood films, it is high time for the film industry to reinvent itself. As OTT racing becomes more competitive, players are coming up with unique stories, capturing the attention of audiences nationwide. A persistent trend in the OTT space is the “Mashup Genre”. Video streaming platforms like ZEE5 have built a library of bollywood movies with experiential films that explore unique themes. Let’s explore how “Genre Mashup” helped the streaming platform make a difference.

The new wave of content on ZEE5 attracts the general public

The new wave of content produced by ZEE5 has proven its ability to satisfy the entertainment demands of a diverse audience. With viewers pouring in from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, it’s obvious that stereotypical storylines won’t work anymore. The streaming platform has identified that viewers want relevant content that they can enjoy with their family. By creating relatable stories that showcase the diversity of Indian culture in unique and engaging ways, ZEE5 has mastered the art of storytelling. From Abhishek Bachchan’s star “Bob Biswas” combining suspense, thriller and crime to family entertainer “Rashmi Rocket”, a story about a small-town girl overcoming societal barriers to achieve her dreams, ZEE5 has experienced various unique storylines.

The streaming platform also experimented horror films, ditching excessive jump scares for something less monstrous and more humane. ZEE5 Originals ‘Barot House’ is a thriller horror film inspired by real events with a psychological twist. The streaming giant also offers an exclusive range of Bollywood films, including ‘Love Hostel’, a story of lovers fighting for their fairy tale ending in a world tainted with corruption and power. In addition to feature films, ZEE5 Originals also offers short films and titles from creators around the world to encourage varied filmmaking methods and crossover genres.

Increased focus on storytelling

The growth of connected devices has fueled the need for quality content. With so many streaming options available to viewers, the one with a gripping plot and an appealing mix of entertainment elements will win. Although Bollywood has a treasure trove of stories from various genres, there is always a demand for more exploration. To bridge this gap, ZEE5 has achieved significant scale and size through volume and variety of content. With over 4,500 blockbuster movies, over 140 original shows, the entertainment platform boasts content libraries of significant depth. ZEE5 has also built different taste groups for audiences such as gender and languages ​​to enable specific audience targeting. With language and geography no longer a boundary, audiences can enjoy varied content offerings from Bollywood and regional cinema at their fingertips on ZEE5.

The tide is turning for OTT gamers

Although the OTT space has seen phenomenal growth during the pandemic, retaining the user base can be difficult. But one trend that stands out is that audiences are ready to seek out new experiences. Another thing is that the audience expresses their opinions and they want to be challenged with varied narratives. Capitalizing on this, ZEE5 has made waves in the streaming industry with its original content.

With a new appetite for consuming quality content, ZEE5 is also stacking its libraries with regional programming. Additionally, the entertainment platform has plans to add more than just original movies to its burgeoning movie library in 2022, which audiences can stream in the language of their choice. From gruesome horror films to socially relevant content, ZEE5 offers over two lakh+ hours of on-demand content for viewers nationwide.